Local Restaurants

There are many fantastic local places to eat all over the South Bend/Mishawaka area. Unlike the chain restaurants, many of these places are institutions at Notre Dame that students have gone to more for years—and you know how we love our traditions around here! More importantly, many carry student-friendly discounts and specials. So check out many of these great places that are excellent, specialize in all types of cuisine, and possibly won’t have the hour-plus wait that every restaurant on Grape Road has every night of every football weekend. Not that we’re bitter or anything.

Student Price Guide

As a friendly reminder, if you see these icons next to each restaurant $, $$, $$$, don’t panic. This is just a student-friendly rating system that we have devised for your convenience that works as follows.

$=Where a starving, strapped-for-cash college student can get food that isn’t from the dining hall.
$$=A place for your parents to spoil you, or maybe a roommate’s birthday or some other occasion.
$$$=Dinner with your rich uncle that comes to Notre Dame for a couple of football games a year.

Since the list of local restaurants may be daunting, we have divided them up based on occasion or type of restaurants. You can either click here or the tabs on the left to view the restaurants in the American and Breakfast, Burgers, Wings, BBQ, & Bars, Ethnic Eats, and Fine Dining and Dessert sections.