When you are a young (i.e., first-year) Domer and want to go off-campus for food, you quickly learn two magic words: Grape Road. That’s right, you familiarize yourself with this single street full of restaurants that you might find in any other medium-sized town in America. Allow us to dispel the myth that there is nowhere else to eat in South Bend (although—for the record—Grape Road is technically part of Mishawaka). For your dining pleasure, we’ve put together a list of restaurants and other places that students may want to check out before heading out to the old standby—not that there’s anything wrong with that—of Grape Road.

Check out this section of the site for any of the following:

  • List of chain restaurants in the area, complete with directions and phone numbers
  • List of local restaurants, according to specialty, with directions and phone numbers
  • Places to go grab a pizza as well as different delivery options around the area