Off-Campus Council

The Off-Campus Council (OCC) is a branch of Student Government that represents its constituency of off-campus students at all relevant government bodies. It consists of the Off-Campus Council President and Vice President as well as other various positions. In recent years, the OCC has seen a resurgence of energy and activity as successive Off-Campus Council Presidents work to create more resources and events for students.

This year, the Council is led by Off-Campus Council President Tess Fitzpatrick and Off-Campus Council Vice President Colleen McKenna. They can be contacted directly or by emailing the Off-Campus Council. Be sure to also check out their website which will have content describing upcoming events and resources for their peers. Plans include:


  • Neighborhood block party on Eddy Street, a chance for all off-campus students to meet each other and their new neighbors while enjoying free food and games
  • Open house for prospective students look to either transition off-campus or switch properties
  • Informal Q & A with SBPD regarding safety and security resources for off-campus students at Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Fun social activities with the Senior Class Council
  • and much more!