Off-Campus Council and Listserv

The Off-Campus Council (OCC) is a branch of Student Government that represents its constituency of off-campus students at all relevant government bodies. It consists of the Off-Campus Council President, Vice President, and Senator. To become involved in the OCC or to submit ideas, please e-mail the officers.  The following are the 2016-17 officers:

President: Michelle Lacouture
Vice President: Amelia Zepernick
Senator: Sofia Perera

The Off-Campus Listserv was created in 2008 as a way for the Off-Campus Council to communicate with their peers. If you are registered as a student with the University and have also disclosed to the University your off-campus address, then you should automatically be on the listserv and will receive occasional emails from the Off-Campus Council.

If you are not on the list and think that you should be receiving e-mails, please send a message to the Off-Campus Council.