Legal Assistance

Should you find yourself in need of legal assistance in the local community, one possible resource for finding an attorney is the Saint Joseph County Bar Association website.

Access to the St. Joe County Bar Association member list is free. The St. Joe County Bar Association also has a referral service, but will charge you for this service.

The University does not endorse any of these individuals. This link to the SJCBA website is provided only as a resource for students.

Additional resources, collected for you by Student Government

Alcohol Related Crime and Punishment – a convenient summary, taken from the Indiana Code Law

The South Bend Unreasonable Noise Ordinance – for your reference, taken from South Bend’s Ordinances.

And finally, some helpful links, which you may find in other places on this website as well. We hate to be redundant, but want to make sure you can find what you need easily. Consider this our effort to provide one-stop shopping

Indiana State Excise Police

Saint Joseph County Prosecutor’s Office

Saint Joseph County Prosecutor’s Office – Pre-Trial Diversion

South Bend Police Department

Notre Dame Security Police

Indiana Code

Indiana Alcohol Laws