Off-Campus Resources


Notre Dame is wholeheartedly committed to aiding students who live off-campus. Many of the same University resources offered to you as a student living on-campus are still available to students living off-campus. The perception that once you move off-campus the University cuts the cord with you is a myth.

In trying to dispel that myth, we have provided a listing of the most frequently used University resources by students that still pertain to many of your off-campus needs.

In case all of this information about transitioning off-campus seems overwhelming (which, frankly, it really is), you can go and download a pdf copy in our Good Neighbor Guide section of our site which contains much of this same information.

Lastly, make sure to sign up for the Off-Campus Listserv to get accurate and up-to-date information on ongoing events occurring in your neighborhood. And if there are any problems, be sure to Contact Us for feedback or comments.