Notre Dame is Number 8 on Pay List

August 04, 2009 • Categories: Off-Campus

Notre Dame is Number 8 on Pay List

Notre Dame is No. 8 on pay list
Web site tracks salaries of graduates.

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The University of Notre Dame is ranked No. 8 on’s new “College Salary Report,” a list of salaries of graduates from hundreds of colleges and universities.

The numbers represent 1.2 million users of the Web site who reported their salaries and educational credentials in a survey over the last year. The rankings are by median mid-career salary (minimum 10 years out of school).

Notre Dame’s median mid-career salary is listed as $121,000 and its starting median salary is $55,300. Topping the list among private universities is Dartmouth College, followed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University.

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Among public universities, the University of Michigan ranked No. 21, with a reported starting median salary of $51,700 and a median mid-career salary reported at $91,900. Others on that list include: Purdue University, $51,000 and $90,700; Indiana University Bloomington, $46,000 and $82,600; Michigan State University, $46,600 and $82,500; Western Michigan University, $42,100 and $75,700; and Ball State University, $37,800 and $65,500.

The data include only survey respondents whose highest academic degree is a bachelor’s degree.

In addition, PayScale ranks the “Top 10 College Majors that Lead to High Salaries.” They are listed in order as aerospace, chemical, computer and electrical engineering, followed by economics, physics, mechanical engineering, computer science, and industrial and environmental engineering.

The entire report is available by visiting

PayScale, based in Seattle, owns the largest database of online employee salary data in the world.