End of Semester Information

End of Semester Vigilance Needed!

We often experience an increase in thefts just before breaks, especially from the Library, study areas, and dining halls. Maintain extra vigilance on your laptops, book bags, purses, etc. Do not leave your property unattended!
Immediately report crime or suspicious activity on campus to NDSP at (574) 631-5555.

Winter Break Safety
Make sure your residence, vehicle, and property are secure when you leave for break. Secure all property out of sight. Utilize your alarm system and other services available to you over break. NDSP offers FREE, secure storage of your vehicle, bike, and (for off campus students) property of value over break.
Click here for property storage details.

Double check your residence and vehicle to make sure everything is locked and property is out of sight. If you live off campus, ask your landlord or a trustworthy neighbor or friend to check your residence for you (drive into driveway, walk around house and up to doors, pick up mail/newspaper). Use timers and photocells to make your residence appear occupied. Click for a Winter Break Security and Fire Safety Checklist.Travel Safely

Motor vehicle crashes pose the greatest risk to the safety of college-aged men and women. Winter road conditions, fatigue (late nights studying for exams), and the rush to get home for the holidays can be a dangerous mix. Take your time, have all occupants wear safety belts, make sure the driver is well rested, and of course don’t drink and drive. Click here for safe winter driving tips.