Budgeting and Utilities



The bottom-line to remember here: “budgeting” is more than just rent and the three big utilities (water, electric, gas). You have a host of things to consider, costs of which vary according to your own needs. In order to keep from going bankrupt, it’s generally good practice to make a budget at the beginning of every month and monitor your spending habits accordingly. Sample monthly budget items include

  • Rent
  • Utilities (Water, Electric, Gas)
  • Trash/Recycle
  • Cable/Satellite
  • Internet
  • Groceries/Meal plan/Eating out
  • Furniture/Home Supplies
  • Spending Allowance


If you are responsible for paying utilities, find out how much you should expect to pay per month and plan that into your budget. Remember that gas prices, in particular, may vary over the year and will likely be much higher in January and February than in August.

Utilities Contacts

South Bend

Electricity AEP 1-800-311-4634

Natural Gas NIPSCO 1-800-464-7726

Water SB Water Works 574-233-0311

Trash SB Solid Waste 574-233-0311


Electricity Mishawaka Utilities 574-258-1630

Natural Gas NIPSCO 1-800-464-7726

Water Mishawaka Utilities 574-258-1630

Trash Borden Waste-Away 574-293-5001