Living Off-Campus


You’ve done it! You have officially moved off-campus. Now what? Well, before you starting pulling your hair out, just relax and take a breath. This is not dorm life, so there will be many more responsibilities—but many benefits as well.

Instead of dining hall food (lovely though it may be), you can concoct your own culinary masterpieces….have your room however you like it, and probably have much more space to live in than your old dorm room. But before you start enjoying the off-campus life TOO much, be aware of a couple of things:

  • The landlord-tenant relationship, Indiana laws, and your rights as a renter
  • Renter’s insurance—in case a disaster strikes and your stuff gets broken/stolen/drowned/ruined/hurled across the sky with flying cows, a la the 1996 summer blockbuster Twister. Hey, it could happen.
  • Budgeting and utilities—including what you should expect to pay (roughly) and how to set up your utilities
  • Social gathering pointers—including tips on how to talk with your neighbors as well as police officers
  • Critical safety tips for your home and for you